Institute of Dentistry

The Institute of Dentistry of the University of Tartu is the only dental education institution in Estonia. The alumni of the Institute are well recognized in Estonia but also abroad. 

The Institute is in charge of the theoretical and simulation teaching of future dentists. The study programmes are in line with international standards and modern teaching technologies. It is important to understand, that dentistry is not just about repairing one tooth, it is necessary to treat the patient as a whole. The specialty is divided into four major areas: dental care, surgery, prosthetics and dental disease prevention, pediatric dentistry, orthodontics. 

Institute works in close co-operation with the Tartu University Hospital Stomatology Clinic which is the main place of practice for dentistry students. Most of the researchers and teaching staff are practicing dentists, orthodontists or face and jaw surgeons. 

The Institute of Dentistry is known for its high-quality research in the fields of oral health. Most of the studies are focused on prevention of oral diseases, including different age groups in Estonian population.

In Estonia the dental treatment is free of charge for children under the age of 19. So one of the mission of the Institute is to raise awareness of importance of oral health and to encourage children and parents to make regular visits to the dentist. From this perspective research on children oral health is one of the priority. 

The institute works in close collaboration with Estonian Dental Association and Estonian Health Insurance Fund.


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